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Curbed Cup Round 1: (1) Historic Core vs. (16) Frogtown

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Here it is: the 2011 Curbed Cup race for Los Angeles Neighborhood of the Year. Round one of our tournament features 16 'hoods vying for the coveted golden jpeg--we'll have two matchups every day through Thursday, then take a look at our tournament bracket on Friday. Voting for each poll ends at noon the next day (and will be watched closely for any shenanigans). Let the neighborhood on neighborhood carnage begin!

Downtown's Historic Core has won the big prize before (in 2007), but it hasn't rested on its laurels. This year, ground broke on the Spring Street Park, the neighborhood got a major (if splotchy) bike lane and a farmers market, and the restaurant scene stayed hot as ever with new openings and old-ish favorites. To top it all off, the HC gentrification even got sent up in musical form.

Frogtown, aka Elysian Valley, is the narrow ribbon between the 5 and the LA River just northeast of Elysian Park. The neighborhood's riverside bike path opened at the end of 2010, and in the fall of this year it hosted a very well-attended art walk (the 'hood is packed with artists' studios). Its accomplishments so far are modest, but with Echo Park getting ever more expensive, could Frogtown step in as the latest hipster zone?

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