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Akbar Turns 15, Skid Row's Ford Hotel Morphs Into Apartments

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SILVER LAKE: The quintessential neighborhood bar, Akbar, is celebrating a decade and a half bringing friends and one-night stands together with a Quinceañera-themed New Year's Eve bash. "We've survived fads, fashion, smoking bans, Y2K, power outages, expansion, El Nino and La Nina, the ever-changing demographics of the neighborhood, 'new kids on the block' bars, eight years of Bush/Cheney, and the greatest economic crash of our lifetimes," according to a statement from the establishment. [Curbed Inbox]

SKID ROW: Last Friday, the SRO Housing Corporation cut the ribbon on the Ford Apartments, a $28 million rehab of the 86 year old, formerly drug-ridden Ford Hotel. Reserved for low-income and formerly homeless people, the 150 apartments feature kitchenettes and private baths, along with a new courtyard, community room, and 24 hour security. This quote from a new resident in the SRO press release warmed our chilly hearts: "I slept in my bathtub one night because I was so happy to have my own private bath and not have to share a communal shower." [Curbed Inbox]