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New Moving Company By and For WeHo Gays

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Guess what Santa's brought this year: a gay-themed moving company! New to the scene is Provincetown Packing with the tagline: "WeHo Gays. Who Pack. Your Shit." Saucy. The website declares "We cover the bases so you can work, relax or partydown in BoysTown. You don't have to be a mogal (sic) to enjoy such luxury, most of our packing and unpacking jobs are less than a single month's rent. So relax, kick back and let us treat you like (a) Queen for a day." Provincetown was created as a more economical alternative to parent company Greystone Relocation Concierge, a high-end moving service that caters to the Hollywood crowd.
*Disclosure: Woody has worked with Greystone and is friendly with the owner.
· Provincetown Packing Company [Official Site]