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The Jesse Metcalfe's Hot Tub Open House Tour

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 1642 N. Beverly Dr., a house with a hot tub.

1642 N. Beverly Dr. (actor Jesse Metcalfe's house)
Price: $2.2 million
Hot Tub: The hot tub is elevated, looking down on the rest of the backyard and the house. Also, it's sited just above the waterfall, in case you didn't think it was bad ass enough.
Decor: There's lots of dark wood and the whole house has a warm, comfortable vibe. The built-ins are to die for, especially a curved settee in the office. The art is all naked women, skulls, and taxidermy.
Size: The one thing most people comment on is the size, at 2,000 square feet, which is rather small for its $2.2 million asking price. However, an entire wall in the living area opens up to the backyard, creating a neat indoor-outdoor vibe that helps make the house appear more spacious.
Who was there: Couples, families...this was a come one, come all open house with a lot of traffic.
· 1642 N Beverly Dr [Redfin]