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Study Says Glendale is the Vanilla to Pasadena's Chocolate

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"Glendale is boring," says the Glendale News-Press. That harsh statement was the conclusion of a year-long survey conducted by North Star Destination Strategies, an outside consultant hired by the city to help improve its bland image. According to the survey, most people think of Glendale "as the boring city between Burbank and Pasadena with nothing to do." The survey was the first part of an ongoing rebranding campaign--approved by the Glendale City Council on Tuesday(pdf)--that will also include a new logo ("the city’s name in lowercase letters surrounded by five multicolored curlicues") and the slogan "Your Life. Animated." Glendale is home to such animation studios as Disney and DreamWorks Animation, but the city’s deputy director of economic development says the slogan can also be tailored to other city highlights (e.g., "Your Appetite. Animated." on an ad near Porto's or "Work. Animated." on business brochures. As for the logo, the Glendale City Clerk's office tells Curbed it won't be available to the public until the middle of next week, so try to keep busy until then.

Meanwhile, on the plus side, the survey found more than just the boring angle. People also think of Glendale as a large city with a "village feel" that's "home to dozens of unique neighborhoods and business districts" and high quality retail (thank Rick Caruso). Glendale is also considered "a well-managed and business-friendly city."
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