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Crazy Facts and Photos From Last Night's Mega-Winds

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Did you notice "something uneasy in the Los Angeles air" yesterday? Did all your booze parties last night end in a fight? Ok, enough with the literature, how freaking crazy are these Santa Anas? According to the LA Times, the peak gusts hit 97 mph at Whitaker Peak north of Castaic. And it's going to keep blowing--there's a red-flag in place through Friday and gusts are expected to hit 80 mph in the mountains and 60 mph on the coast tonight. A National Weather Service specialist tells the LAT "it looks like its been about 10 years since we've had weather patterns like this." Here are some of wildest photos and facts from the beginning of the Great #LAWind Event of 2011. Meanwhile, KPCC is crowdsourcing a map of the damage.
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