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Roxbury Park Makeover Too Expensive for Beverly Hills

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Back in June, Beverly Hills Councilwoman Lili Bosse urged her colleagues to reconsider a plan to update the city's Roxbury Park because she believed there weren't enough parking spots in the plan and that the whole thing was too expensive. Specifically, she didn't agree with the assumption that building an entirely new community center would be comparable in price to just renovating the old community center. Bosse found that the renovation cost included the addition of an 11,000 square foot multipurpose room that added nearly $5 million to the pricetag. Now city staffers are preparing to recommend that the council reject all of the bids submitted for the park reno because they all came in way too high, the Beverly Hills Patch reports. "The lowest of the three bids, according to the [staffers'] statement, was just under $14.4 million, which would bring the full cost of the project--including administration and contingencies--to $16.8 million. That amount exceeds the $14.7 million that has been budgeted for the project." The new community center would include a branch library, gym, meeting rooms, exercise facilities, and a catering kitchen. The Council will hear the staffers' arguments at a meeting on Monday. · City Staffers to Recommend Rejection of Roxbury Park Bids [BH Patch]
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Roxbury Park

471 S. Roxbury Dr., Beverly Hills, CA