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Wells Fargo Forecloses on Snoopy Christmas in Costa Mesa

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Costa Mesans are banding together this week to help out Jim Jordan, whose house--famous around town for its Snoopy Christmas display--was foreclosed on on Tuesday. The Daily Pilot reports that Jordan, who rents the house out, is suing the bank, saying they "sold his home before his window to recover the property was closed." Well Fargo disputes that charge, but says it will let Jordan take down his "giant Christmas display," which includes a 17 by 14 foot manger scene and a 20 by 20 foot stage. Two companies have offered to help with the move and neighbors have volunteered to store the pieces. One diehard has set up a tent on the lawn with a sign reading "Save the Snoopy House." According to an earlier DP story, this would have been the Snoopy House's forty-fifth Christmas--Jordan's parents put the decorations up before him.
· 'Snoopy House' owner may get decorations back [Daily Pilot]