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Venice Beach Bed & Breakfast Built in 1911

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After spending several hours stressing over the metaphysical quandary presented by the Venice Beach House's name (is it a house in Venice Beach or a beach house in Venice?), we are just going to accept that the listing for the house is a singular opportunity for a really old beachfront property in Venice (Beach). The house, built in 1911, is on the National Register of Historic Places and occupies three lots. The 4,390 square foot house has nine bedrooms and seven bathrooms. According to the listing, the house has served as a "fine boarding establishment" for the past 30 years (a B&B with five stars on Yelp), but it can be converted to a single family house. The property, right down the street from the beach, is listed for $5.9 million.
· 15 30th Ave [Berman & Kandel]
· 15 30TH Ave [Redfin]