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James Cameron's Wife Opens Pricey No-Waste Elementary School With Its Own Falconer Near Malibu

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Suzy Amis Cameron, the wife of Avatar director James Cameron, has just opened a new no-waste campus in the Calabasas Highlands for her private Muse School, which enrolls kids ranging from two years old to fifth grade (including the Camerons' three children). The LA Times reports that "All of the buildings on the Muse campus contain at least some materials that were salvaged from existing structures, including doorway trim reclaimed from the wood siding of torn-down buildings and a play structure repurposed from a water tank." The garden's wood chips come from scrapped wood and students and teachers are issued stainless steel bottles. Plastic is banned (in bag, bottle, straw, utensil, and other forms) and the school collects pens, glue sticks, and other ordinary elementary school waste for upcycling and recycling. All actual trash is weighed. Eventually 30 percent of lunch every day will be grown onsite. And our favorite part: the 22 acre site, formerly home to the Calmont School, even has its own resident falconer to control the rodent population without chemicals. The campus replaces Muse's former home in Topagna Canyon. According to the Daily News, the school has 60 students and tuition is $20,500 per year (the unwashed masses will just have to throw their pens away). Administrators hope to add a middle school next year.
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Muse School

1666 Las Virgenes Canyon Rd., Calabasas Highlands, CA