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Here's This Year's Best Short Video About Riding Metro

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Metro recently announced the winner of its Metro Transit Flicks video contest--the top prize went to "Dollar Fifty City" by Noah Mucci. Metro pitched the contest as a "chance to show the world what you like best about riding buses and trains in Los Angeles County" (and to encourage others to ride, natch). In the winning video, the narrator says he's lived in Los Angeles for four years without a car, using the public transit system to build a relationship with the city. The narrator also thinks the Metro system is a cinch: "As I started to get deeper and deeper into the city and the system of public transit, it made more sense how simple it was." Mucci wins a year's free pass so he can keep using that simple system. Check out his film down below and the runners-up over on Metro's site.

· Metro Transit Flicks Video Contest Winners [Metro]