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The Tale of the Dog-Stealing Apartment Neighbor

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Curbed Horror Stories are firsthand reader reports about terrible Los Angeles apartment experiences past and present. This week, in honor of Renters Week, we're having a rental horror story showdown. We'll post a few horror stories each day with a vote for the best on Thursday. The winner will advance to the national round of our network-wide contest (and the nationwide winner gets a free month's rent!). Horror stories to, if you please.

My tale of woe is woefully ongoing and I am dashing this off before I run out to view the 90th apartment in my quest to move away from:


This was merely the last straw in a string of craziness. My coke addled neighbor stole my dog.

I have a labrador. He had a labrador. His lab died.

So he knocked on my door one Wednesday afternoon and asked if he could walk my dog.

I felt sorry for him and said sure.

An hour later he had not returned. I called him and he was at a restuarant and would be home in 30 minutes. 40 minutes later I called and he was not answering the phone. 20 minutes after that still no answer. STEAM is coming out of my ears at this point.

I call the restaurant and ask if a man meeting his description was there with a Lab. They said he was at the bar slamming tequila shots but no dogs were allowed inside, but hold on. They came back on the line a few minutes later and confirmed the dog was there. I got in the car and drove over there.

My dog was tied up to a parking meter on Beverly Blvd while this asshole was inside getting his drunk on. I am shaking so hard I can hardly untie my dog. I drive home, leave him a scathing message and vow to never speak to him again.

Three hours later he starts beating on my door like a crazy person threatening to kill me and calling me every name in the book.

He never knew I stole my dog back.

He kept beating on my door and kicking it and being very violent.

I called the cops.

He fled.

I've been looking for a new place to live ever since. A year of his coke addled pleas to sleep with him and then when I don't calling me a fat whore and then stealing my dog and then threatening to kill me? ENOUGH.

Oh and he also invites the homeless people in the alley in to partake in his coke parties.

For this I pay nearly $1700 a month in rent.

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