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Artist Will Read You the Old NFL Stadium News Over the Phone

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SOUTH PARK: We're in a brief lull between the first approvals for the proposed Downtown NFL stadium (aka Farmers Field) and the release of the project's environmental impact report, so why not spend the downtime reliving the thrills and chills of the project's first ten months? Every day from November 5 to November 26, artist Anthony Carfello will provide an over-the-phone reading of an old news article about Farmers Field "so that over the run of the show listeners can re-experience the proposed development’s progress from its December 15 introduction through its challenges and lobbying efforts, from its speculative presentation to the City Council to its successful campaign for S.B. 292 [which expedites any legal challenges to the project]. Taken in part and as a whole, these articles provide a contemporary case study in the development of downtown Los Angeles, and, in their own way, form a small addition to the history of the media’s role in urban land use planning in California." Whoa. Carfello has also "produced hundreds of near replica bumper stickers [of the official FF bumper stickers] reading 'Bring Football Back. Farmers Field (323) 843-4652.' These stickers will be handed out for free during the run of the exhibition, on location at the Convention Center, the Staples Center, the Nokia Theater, L.A. Live, and the Ritz Carlton as well as mailed to any person requesting one via" Call (323) 843-4652 to listen in. [Curbed Inbox]

Farmers Field

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