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4 Questionable and Quirky Airbnb Rentals From Around LA

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Now that we've looked at some top-notch (and mostly top-price) vacation rentals on Airbnb, let's check out some of the site's quirkier offerings. Hey, at least they're (almost all) cheap.

Location: West Hollywood
Sleeps: 8
Nightly rate: $200
What you get: *THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE IN THE U.S. YOU CAN STAY WHERE JIM MORRISON LIVED!* 'CHERI AMOUR' IS A HISTORIC BUILDING KNOWN AS 'JIM MORRISONS LAST KNOWN U. S. RESIDENCE'" It's also painted purple and covered in Lizard King-orabilia. And per a 2004 LA Times article, the unit is owned by Cheri Woods, the former madam of a seventies-era Studio City call girl ring referred to as Cheri's Angels. Don't worry--we'll be meeting Cheri again soon.

Location: Van Nuys
Sleeps: 1
Nightly rate: $45
What you get: "Our converted garage, we call the "studio", offers a private room with pull out double bed, desk, tv and stereo to give you just enough comfort for a few days." On the plus side, renters get access to the pool and jacuzzi.

Location: Playa del Rey
Sleeps: 1
Nightly rate: $29
What you get: Either the "Survivor": "For those that like the feel of camping in a rather private backyard surrounded by olive trees - this accomodation is for you. Shared bath and full access to kitchen and outdoor deck. Camp 2 blocks from the beach - tent provided. (Property is on a slight slope.)"
Or the "Stargazer": "Sleep outdoors under the stars on the fabulous 50 foot redwood deck in a comfy sleeping bag. (provided). This deck overlooks the city and from the amazing view you can actually see the planes from LAX arriving and taking off."

Location: Woodland Hills
Sleeps: 4
Nightly rate: $50
What you get: "Welcome to your home-away-from-home hotel alternative lodging experience in a fabulous tropical resort-style gated mini-estate that is yours to embrace! Your host is Hollywood celebrity actress, author, and entrepreneur, CHERI WOODS. Cheri is the former wife of International pop star STEVIE WOODS, daughter-on-law of jazz icon RUSTY BRYANT, and cousin-in-law of 'Miami Vice' TV star PHILLIP MICHAEL-THOMAS. She is the mother of LA based blues-rock singer and former child actor TIANA WOODS, and former child actor REGENA WOODS. Cheri is a licensed real estate agent and can assist you with any real estate needs such as a permanent rental or selling/ purchasing property in the Los Angeles or Las Vegas area."
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