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de LaB Does Eames, Want Help From the Next Chad Rogers?

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HOLLYWOOD: As part of Pacific Standard Time, furniture dealer JF Chen is hosting the Collecting Eames show, which includes 425 pieces of Eames furniture, posters, toys, and graphics in their Highland showroom. Design boosters Design east of La Brea are putting together an event tomorrow night at 6:30 at JF Chen, featuring a tour of the Eames pieces and a lecture by Daniel Ostroff, the curator and editor of EamesDesigns, the definitive source on the twentieth-century design duo. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Local house buyers and sellers are wanted for a new unscripted show called Sunshine Realtors; casting agents want first-time buyers or sellers having difficulties. Write with listing price range, a paragraph of why you need help buying or selling, and pics of the house being sold (if you're selling), as well as your spouse/partner/family/pet. Being good-looking goes without saying. [Curbed Inbox]