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Cahuenga Pass House With Alice in Wonderland Decor

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 3868 Broadlawn Dr., a house in the Cahuenga Pass.

3868 Broadlawn Dr. (Studio City)
Price: $1.049 million
Traffic: Taking the 101 through the Pass wasn't that bad on a Sunday afternoon. We got more tripped up by the AFI Fest traffic on Hollywood Boulevard.
Go Ask Alice in Wonderland: The current owners have a thing for "oversized." Their enormous bed takes up a good 70% of the bedroom and to complete the look they placed an oversized chess set on the lawn (visible in the third to last image).
Like a wheel: The house is laid out such that the entrance hall is a kind of hub. Off the main hallway are the kitchen, the bedroom, the office, the family room and more.
Who was there?: Middle-aged gay men.
· 3868 BROADLAWN Dr [Redfin]