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Furnished Condo in Aunt Ruth's Mulholland Drive Building

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Hancock Park's Il Borghese has quite the pedigree. Not only is it featured on the cover of the venerable Courtyard Housing in Los Angeles, which calls it "one of the most elegant of the courts," the 1929 Mediterranean-style building also plays a prominent role in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive as the courtyard complex where fresh-faced ingenue Betty Elms's aunt Ruth keeps an apartment. Currently, there's a one bedroom, one bath condo available for sublet in the Charles Gault-designed building, which has a controlled-access entry and garden courtyard with koi pond, fountain, and fireplace. Per the ad, the unit is on the northeast corner, comes fully furnished, and features a decorative faux fireplace, built-ins, and formal dining area, though there's no mention of parking. Montly rent is $3,500.
· Fully Furnished Condo at Il Borghese [Craigslist]

Il Borghese

450 N. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles, CA