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The Manson Caves

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The Spahn Movie Ranch is well known--it's where the Manson family made camp in the late sixties, during their murder spree--but the supposedly nearby "Manson Caves" are more of a mystery. The Calabasas Patch reports: "Rumor has it that not far from the ranch's borders, Manson and his followers often congregated in the surrounding caves of the Santa Susana Mountains. The group would huddle together in the hidden sandstone crevices now commonly called the 'Manson Caves,' taking part in drug-induced orgies and plotting the end of the world. However, whether the 'Manson Caves' are fact or fiction remains a mystery, though many claim that they have found their mysterious location." Patch explains how to get there to make your own search. [Calabasas Patch, image via]