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WeHo Taking Another Look at Hated Plummer Park Plans

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Construction on the allegedly Jetsonian renovations planned for West Hollywood's Plummer Park were originally scheduled to start in January, but they've been delayed as angry WeHoans wage war on the project. Locals have several grievances, including the park's closure during construction, the uprooting of old trees, the futuristic update to Fiesta Hall, and the demolitions of the Great and Long Halls, both originally built as WPA projects. The LA Times reports today that 1,000 people have signed an online petition asking the city council to stop the project, which has been discussed since 1993 and planned for several years. Now city officials have agreed to take another look "and see what changes can be made to satisfy the concerns of neighbors." However, they also want to remind everyone that "the entire park will not be closed during the two-year renovation, temporary park space will be created during construction, and a number of planned changes will improve the park."
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Plummer Park

7377 Santa Monica Boulevard, , CA 90046