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1920s English in WeHo Going For More Than Double Last Sale

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Can a year and a half more than double a sale price? We'll have to wait and see, but that's apparently what the owners of this house in West Hollywood are hoping for. They picked it up in February 2010 for $765,000, when, the old listing says, it was in "Very good condition" (listing photos show that it was not a total mess). They do appear to have done a very thorough remodel--the listing says it's now filled with "Antiques from all over the world" and has "state-of-the-art electrical, communications, alarm, heating/cooling, and plumbing systems." The property has two bedrooms; one and three-quarter bathrooms; a hand-carved, 250 pound front door; leaded windows; and professional landscaping. Asking price is $1.85 million.
· 870 North DOHENY Dr [Redfin]