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Take a Look Around (and Maybe Buy) Mad Men Creator's House

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Confirmed: the house that Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and architect wife Linda Brettler are selling is the lovely be-tiled number recently featured in the New York Times. Some serious tile (and ceiling and stair and possibly-homemade-bunkbed) porn has finally been added to the listing for our viewing pleasure. The house, which sits on a small lot in the Fairfax district, is utterly unstaged, but does still have that cool old stove, which Weiner described in the NYT: "I found these guys on Santa Monica Boulevard, and they fix up stoves the way some guys fix cars. They tricked it out: it’s re-enameled, it has six burners and two ovens; the clock used to work. I’m completely obsessed with it." Asking price is still $1.8 million to buy and $6,200 a month to rent. As for where the Weiner-Brettlers have gone, Real Estalker has heard rumors that they bought Leeza Gibbons's house near Nichols Canyon in the summer of 2010. That house once belonged to Joan Crawford and has an old LA feel to it that's similar-ish to this house, although it's much grander and has way more privacy. The kitchen's not nearly as good, though.
· Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Selling His Fairfax House [Curbed LA]