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Another One Bites the Dust: Westwood AMC Theater Closing

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Just as Westwood tries to get its groove back, this happens: the AMC Avco movie theater at Wilshire and Glendon is shutting down Sunday night, the Westwood-Century City Patch reports. It seems a lease dispute is behind the closure of the four screen theater. Though the property manager told the LA Times that a new theater chain is being courted for the space, this latest closure means that two movie theaters in the area have shut down in just as many months--the 72 year old Bigfoot Crest theater, a historic landmark, closed in October, supposedly for improvements, but for an undetermined amount of time. The one screen Mann theater shuttered in 2008 only to leave an empty, weedy lot at Gayley and Lindbrook*--fans recently showed their love for the fallen theater with teddy bears and love notes. While a handful of small movie houses persevere in Westwood Village, the area has some major competition from the AMC Century City 15 and the arthouse Landmark theater at Westwood and Pico.
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