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Which LA Building Would Make the Best LEGO Set?

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Ok, that is it, LEGO. We promised when we were six that we would never be mad at you, but you are really testing us here with your Architecture sets. So far, you've put out 11 buildings (in Landmark and Architect Series), and not a single one comes from the architectural mecca of Los Angeles. By our count, you've got three buildings from Manhattan; two from Chicago; one from Berlin; one from Washington, DC; one from Seattle; one from Dubai; one from Plano, Illinois; and one from Mill Run, PA. And now you're running a contest for your next set, with ten contenders including Norman Foster's London Gherkin building, Santiago Calatrava's Barcelona communications tower, and the Coliseum in Rome, and not one single Los Angeles building. We get it, we're complicated--perhaps your plastic bricks can't handle the glassy walls of the Stahl House or the undulating scales of Disney Hall, but we think there are at least a few iconic buildings here that would look terrific rendered in tiny, brightly-colored plastic. We'll even do all the hard work for you and put some of the best options to a vote (click through the slideshow for details on the nominees).

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