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Escape From LA is Now a Reality Show

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In Off the Grid: Million Dollar Manhunt, pals Dan and Scott have to make their way from the center of Los Angeles out of the city "without being detected and caught by a team of top-notch security professionals, who wield an impressive arsenal of physical security technologies, computer software tools and 'boots-on-the-ground' tracking savvy." Sounds super creepy! Government Security News (via the Perilous tumblr) reports that "If Dan and Scott can maintain their personal privacy and elude all attempts to monitor their progress, as they attempt to sneak out of the City of Los Angeles, the show’s producers will hand them a $1 million reward." Dan is an environmental consultant; Scott drives a beer truck. Their trackers include Kevin Reeve, whose job is to teach scouting and tracking skills to SEALS, Rangers, Secret Service, and other people known for being really good at finding people, along with a set of "tactical, urban survival, and military intelligence specialists," all working out of an "operations center" in Downtown that was built just for the show. The trackers used "a slew of network cameras," facial recognition technology, "limited deployments of unmanned aerial vehicles," and something that let them tap into Dan and Scott's Blackberry GPS systems. The show was shot over a six hour period "after months of preparation," and will air on the History Channel on December 8.
· Off the Grid reality TV depicts real-world surveillance technologies [Government Security News, via Perilous]