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Downtown Libeskind Tower Replaced With Two Seven Story Apartment Buildings

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Remember January 2009 when you first caught a glimpse of that fellow on the left--Daniel Libeskind's rendering for a 43 story condo building in South Park--and you were like "Really? That? For Downtown? In 2009?" And then you found out it had also been planned for New Jersey in 2005 and São Paulo in 2010? Well, it's dead. Good luck with that, Brazil. The building's site on Figueroa, across from the Convention Center, went up for sale in May, and blogdowntown reports today that it was snapped up in September by a joint venture of Cypress Equity Investments and Fifield Companies, who plan to put up two seven story apartment towers (For Downtown? In 2011?).

According to the Planning Department's website (pdf), an entitlement application was filed in October for a "mixed-use project with 251 residential, 4 live/work units and 11,000 sq ft ground floor commercial." Cypress's site says the project will have below-grade parking. As BDT points out, that's yet another big change for the project--the previous plan had a surface parking lot across an alley on the Flower St. side of the property. Now it sounds like one of the towers will sit on that site instead--Cypress's site says there will be frontage on both Fig and Flower. Construction is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2012.