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4 Years Later, Marmol's Desert Hot Springs Prefab Sells

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If you want to give your scrolling finger a good workout, head on over to Redfin and scroll through the property history for architect Leo Marmol's house in Desert Hot Springs. Marmol (of the firm Marmol Radziner) built the house for himself in 2005 as a weekend place and it helped to spur that late-aughts prefab house trend. We first saw it in January 2008, when it was listed for $1.85 million. Over the intervening years, it's been chopped and chopped and chopped and chopped and finally hit just $599k in August this year. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a recycled steel frame, energy efficient glass, and a pool. According to Redfin, it's just sold for $600,000 in what seems to have been a short sale.
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