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LAPD Staging in Dodger Stadium Right Now For Occupy Raid

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ELYSIAN PARK: These are stills from CBS LA's chopper livestream of the scene right now at Dodger Stadium--these are police, police cars, and what look like Metro buses getting all staged up for what is pretty definitely a raid on Occupy LA's camp on the City Hall lawn. The CBS reporter just said: "We've actually never seen this many LAPD officers in one spot." The first bus just pulled out, but it's not clear if it's headed Downtown just yet. Stay safe, everyone. UPDATE: Occupy LA was raided around 12:30 am and the park was mostly emptied. As of 2:30 am, there are Twitter reports of cherry pickers coming in to get protesters out of trees and police carrying out protesters who have stayed in the park. There are still protesters in the streets.

Dodger Stadium

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