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Echo Park Lake Debris Tally is a Portrait of a Neighborhood

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Echo Park Now has nabbed an official city list of everything found (so far) in the great Echo Park Lake drain of 2011--this follows a partial accounting in September. (If you're just tuning in, the Lake is getting a major rehab and will be closed for the next couple years.) Boomboxes were still having a moment in 1984, when the Lake was last drained, but obviously they've fallen out of fashion since--three were found in the muck. Read on for your gun tally:

Park trash cans: 20
?Construction cones: 36?
Shopping Carts: 7?
Portable stereos/boombox: 3?
Pay telephone: 1?
Skateboard: 6
?Parking enforcement boot: 1?
Toilet: 1
?Glass bottles: Hundreds?
Model boat: 2
?Frisbee: 20?
Weapons (guns): 2?
Office chair: 6
?Miscellaneous toys, trash, debris: Hundreds
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Echo Park Lake

751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA