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Clamoring for Crenshaw: Politicians Want 2 Westchester Stops

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There are now two neighborhoods fighting for stations on the proposed Crenshaw Line, which will hopefully link LAX to the Expo Line around 2018. Aside from Leimert Park locals--who are suing Metro, in part for putting forth a plan that doesn't guarantee a station at Vernon in the center of Leimert Park Village--residents and politicians in Westchester are agitating louder than ever for two stations in their neighborhood, reports The Argonaut. Councilman Bill Rosendahl is now joining the effort, taking over from former Fourth District County Supervisor Don Knabe, whose last act *as supervisor for the area was to pass a motion to include a station at Hindry and Florence in Westchester. "Metro's Construction Committee approved Knabe's motion unanimously Nov. 18 and recommended the motion for approval to the full board," The Argonaut reports. Rosendahl is now asking supporters to sign an online petition to back Knabe's motion. The petition says a station at Hindry would provide opportunities for "urban renewal," and that the stop should be included if it can be built within the line's $1.7 billion budget, or if outside funding is made available.

There were once discussions around a proposed Westchester station at Manchester and Aviation, but when the final environmental impact report for the Crenshaw Line was released earlier this year, Manchester didn't make the cut--Metro says it's because ridership projections were low and some residents voiced opposition. But a station at Hindry, a little bit further east, is proving more popular. The at-grade station would be cheaper than Manchester (approximately $12 million compared to $82 million). Supporters also point out that without the Hindry stop, there would be a three and a half mile gap between the LAX station at Century and Aviation and the next stop near La Brea--most rail lines have a station about every mile.
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