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Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Selling His Fairfax House

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UPDATE: All the photos here. Who remembers the mid-nineties Tea Leoni/Holland Taylor vehicle The Naked Truth? Anyone? Well, it probably helped buy this house, which belongs to Mad Men creator/showrunner Matthew Weiner and architect Linda Brettler, his wife. According to Redfin, they bought the house, which sits on a pretty unpretentious street in the Fairfax district, back in 1997 for $492,000 (that makes the purchase pre-Sopranos, pre-Becker, and even pre-Andy Richter Controls the Universe). Weiner showed off his house and its killer tiles in the New York Times a couple months ago; absent interior listing photos, we can't be positive this is the same one, but the stats match up--both are 1930s Spanish Colonials (besides, you know the saying: "First comes the shelter porn, then comes the MLS listing"). In that article, he said that "Even in my own home, I end up hiding [my scripts] around," so perhaps the buyers will get lucky and stumble upon an early, discarded draft in which Don Draper and Peggy Olson do it. At the very least, they'll get four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a dining room, and a pool. Asking price is $1.8 million; the house is also for lease for $6,200 per month.