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Big New Bike Plan to Make Santa Monica Into Biker's Republic

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Lost in the Thanksgiving shuffle was big bike news out of Santa Monica, where the city council passed a 20 year Bike Action Plan that bike activists are already swooning over ("This is almost the perfect present for our community and the people who ride bikes here," said one). The Santa Monica Daily Press reports that the council has also authorized $2.5 million to be spent on bike improvements in the next two years--those include 14 miles of new bike lanes and 17 miles of green buffered lanes on Broadway, Main, Second, and Ocean Park.

The nation's biggest secure bike parking facility just opened in SaMo, but the city is also getting 2,500 more bike parking spaces and "the country’s first-ever permanent Bike Education Campus," according to the Santa Monica Mirror. The Bike Plan also calls for bike-focused development guidelines, the bike-friendly renovation of 30 intersections, and a wayfinding system. The planning commission also requested a few additions to the plan, including a bike track at the Santa Monica Airport, one east-west and one north-south separated bike lane, and an earlier start to the city's bike sharing program.
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