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Dirt Lot Watch at the bw, Pet the Reindeer in Malibu

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BRENTWOOD: Who doesn't like a good pit pic? A reader sends along this photo of the action at Wilshire and Barrington, which we recently learned is becoming the bw, a six story, 78 unit apartment building (earlier plans had called for 28 stories of condos). He writes: "They have been excavating for a couple weeks now. Can't really see much in the picture, but there has definitely been a lot of activity." And with that we can welcome a new member to the "Something's Being Built!" club. [Curbed Inbox]

MALIBU: Malibu is just a sleepy little rural burg at heart, and to prove it, the Malibu Country Mart will be "the only location from Malibu to Hollywood" this December with actual live reindeer for your holiday photo op pleasure (you can also feed them and pet them). Frankly, we think the combination of a bright shopping center, rowdy kids, and large Arctic fauna sounds a little terrifying, but we're Scroogey like that. The festivities start this Saturday. [Curbed Inbox]

the bw

1168 S. Barrington Ave., Los Angeles, CA