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Cute and Tiny Foreclosure in West Hollywood

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Well, aren't you cute, little West Hollywood bungalow, with your clawfoot tub and sunroom-y/patio-ish space. Too bad you're bank owned and saddled with a few drawbacks. For one thing, the two bedroom, one bathroom is just 556 square feet, although the listing suggests the buyer "check actual sqft as it seems much larger than 556sqft." It's also being sold for all cash, as is, and with this anti-flipper caveat: "The Grantee(s), or purchaser(s), of the Property may not re-sell, record an additional conveyance document, or otherwise transfer title to the Property within 60 days following the Grantor?s execution of this Deed." Asking price is $255,000.
· 1240 North SPAULDING Ave [Redfin]