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Too-Similar Small Lots?, Fresh & Easy Coming to Santa Monica

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ECHO PARK: What do you think--is there some small lot poaching going on in Echo Park? The city's small lot subdivision ordinance allows smallish lots to be chopped up for multiple detached single family houses. Eagle Rock's Rock Row was an early adopter and there's a new guy coming soon to Echo Park that a reader thinks looks too familiar: "As an Eagle Rock resident I frequently drive by the 15 home small lot subdivision, Rock Row, completed a couple years ago by Heyday Partnership. From the images on Modative's website it seems they are familiar with the project as well. I attached a picture which makes it pretty clear." [Curbed Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: A tipster sends in the evidence: Fresh & Easy is heading to Santa Monica! He writes "Remember that former Magnolia Hi-Fi shop on Wilshire @ Harvard in Santa Monica? Well, here is the [liquor license] application for Fresh & Easy to convert the space to its grocery use." [Curbed Inbox]