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San Pedro Road Collapses--Was It the Blufftop Real Estate?

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The rains finally did it--after months of breath-holding, a stretch of Paseo del Mar in San Pedro has officially collapsed. The LA Daily News reports: "At about 3 p.m. in the afternoon, power lines and a palm tree began to sway. When authorities got close enough to inspect the road, a substantial new chunk of the road had completely collapsed, leaving a gaping, deep hole and part of the cliff and road in the ocean." Fissures first appeared in the area last spring, the street started buckling and becoming a sinkhole in the summer, and a 900 foot stretch between Weymouth and Western Aves. was closed in September. The situation was upgraded to "landslide" last week. City engineers had recently said the ground was moving about four inches per day and crews have been working on relocating sewer and utility lines out of the way. KPCC reports that the city is working on contracting with a geotechnical firm to figure out the exact situation in the land around the collapse and implies that perhaps this is Donald Trump's fault: "The peninsula's scenic qualities have prompted decades of homebuilding that some experts blame for further destabilizing the historically unstable ocean bluffs."
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