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Check Out the Freshly-Painted Green Spring St. Bike Lane

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Updated 2:58 pm: As promised, the one and a half mile Spring Street bike lane has arrived in time for the holidays. The already-famously-green lane was painted over the weekend and officially opens this afternoon (City Councilmembers Jan Perry and Jose Huizar will cut the ribbon and then take an inaugural ride with members of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition--the development and implementation was a collaboration between the LA Department of Transportation, the LACBC, and the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council). The lane runs from Cesar Chavez Ave. down to Ninth St. and is six feet wide with a four foot buffer between bikes and vehicle lanes. According to the LA Times, "Buses are allowed to cross over the buffer and green lane to make a stop but are not permitted to drive along stretches within the area." We know this development could be confusing and disorienting for drivers, so a Department of Transportation spokesperson reminds motorists to take mid-block turns from their vehicle lanes after yielding to bikers and, if taking a right turn, to stay in their lanes until close to the intersection, where there are now right-turn lanes.