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6 Cutest Things Conde Nast Traveler Says About Echo Park

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Good news for any trustafarians of Echo Park--your rich parents will finally approve of your lifestyle. LAist tips us to "L.A., Hold the Glitz: A Guide to Echo Park," appearing in the December issue of Conde Nast Traveler, which is usually dedicated to expensive golf courses, cruise ships, and ski resorts. LAist does a thorough takedown, but says "Though we mock heavily, CNT does have a pretty kickass Echo Park?experience mapped out for visitors. Hell, it's a pretty kickass Echo park experience for us locals too?" Which is totally true, but that doesn't mean there isn't a little silly copy to go with it. To wit:

1. "A vintage slice of Los Angeles right out of a Raymond Chandler novel"
(Translation: No Louis Vuitton store.)

2. "It’s a 10-minute drive from downtown; 30 minutes from Beverly Hills."
(Translation: You went Downtown??)

3. "Echo Park (EP to the truly trendy)"

4. "a Latino working-class neighborhood that’s recently attracted fringe seekers of every stripe: tatted hipsters, musicians, geek-chic writers and artists, and vegans and vegetarians galore."?

5. "Origami Vinyl, Modest Mouse seven-inches sit next to mint Led Zep rarities"

6. "Feeding Birds Boutique, stocked with vintage birdcages and kitschy cookie jars from the 1970s"
(Translation: Put a bird on it!)
· L.A., Hold the Glitz: A Guide to Echo Park [Conde Nast Traveler]