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Gold Line Extension Tells Us What's Shaking in Duarte

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The Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority has created interactive maps of future stops along the planned line and the San Gabriel Valley destinations that surround them. The group oversees the construction of the Gold Line Extension from Pasadena to the Azusa/Glendora border. Now all they need for the absolute latest in tech trends is crowd-sourcing mobile apps with real time overlays. As pointed out by the Source, not all of the corridor's destinations are of the same caliber: "The Irwindale map is interesting in what it doesn't show--a vast warehouse, office park and manufacturing district immediately south of the tracks. It's not a traditional business district by any means, but hopefully the train will be a good option for workers reaching those jobs." But we have to think that these maps are supposed to be a little aspirational: Maybe some savvy developers out there can use them to locate newly transit-rich locations for dense development or regional jobs centers? Is there an app for that?

The Extension, however, is already making a little progress in its efforts to make the San Gabriel Valley more of a destination. Last week Caltrans and the Construction Authority approved the final designs for the already under-construction I-210 basket bridge, which they're now calling the "Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley." In October, a pesky lawsuit was cleared out of the way. The line is still scheduled to open in 2015.