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This 1917 triplex is giving us visions of a TV show about a group of twentysomethings (and maybe a helpful ghost?) laughing and loving together as they try to find their ways in the world and around their Los Angeles neighborhood. Working title: Angelino Heights. And true to TV all their apartments would have to look way out of their price range--the three in this building include two one bedroom, one and a quarter bathrooms renting at $1,500 and a two bedroom, two and a quarter bathroom renting at $2,800. The listing says "Entire building redone recently" and "Much of the white slip paperwork for condominium conversion has been completed." The building includes three covered spaces and outdoor areas for all the units. The triplex first came up for sale in June asking $1.22 million and after a bumpy ride on the market (on, chop, pending, off), it's now down to $895,000.
· 808 East EDGEWARE Rd [Redfin]