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The Library on Las Palmas Tour

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 353 S. Las Palmas Ave., a house with a library.

353 S. Las Palmas Ave. (Hancock Park)
Price: $2.995 million
Surprisingly Open: A lot of scheduled open houses today weren't open at all. With the weather as terrible as it's been, most brokers apparently just shrugged and didn't bother. We're lucky that the brokers at Las Palmas had dedication enough to open up and let us in!
About That Library: The library was less a library and more a billiard room with books. Despite our initial disappointment with the lack of shelving, the all-red room still makes a huge statement.
Three-Quarters Master Bath: The master bath doesn't have a bathtub--it's a three-quarters master bath. Who'd have thought? The broker was spot on when she said that the house is a beauty and the only things that need updating are the bathrooms.
· 353 South LAS PALMAS Ave [Redfin]