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Hike the Corralitas Rail Path Through Silver Lake and Echo Park, Where Red Cars Used to Roam

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Today the Modern Hiker blog suggests an outing on the Corralitas Rail Path, a historic and idiosnyncratic route through a hidden corner of Silver Lake. As the blog puts it: "it's a pretty cool and little known public space that could be worth checking out as part of a quick morning walk or as an add-on to other short trails or staircase walks in the area." The path begins at Lake View Ave. and Allesandro Way, eventually catching up with the old Pacific Electric Red Car route to Glendale. The rail line ran from 1896 to 1955, leaving behind a few ruins to explore along the path, including LA Historic-Cultural Monument #770--the Pacific Electric Red Car Viaduct Footings (those concrete blocks you've always wondered about on the hill above Fletcher and Riverside). The Corralitas Red Car Property blog has an extensive history of the property, including several failed development attempts (the blog also keeps tabs on current happenings in the area).
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