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Which of These Cahuenga Pass Houses Should We Visit?

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It's up to you to choose which open house the Weekend Warrior visits and reports back on this Sunday.

The strip of the 101 between Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley--the Cahuenga Pass--was the site of a couple of major battles in the 1800s. In 2011, we have bumper-to-bumper traffic, honking, fender benders, and battles of our own. This weekend, let's check out the houses of the poor folk who fight that battle every day (or just go through the canyons). First, we have a four bedroom on Skyhill Dr. for $929,000, a four bedroom on Bennett Dr. for $1.299 million, a three bedroom on Cahuenga Park Trail for $949,000, and a three bedroom on Broadlawn Dr. for $1.049 million.
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