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Chandelier Tree in Silver Lake, Still Seeking Malibu Housewives

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SILVER LAKE: Well, this is rather lovely. A tipster spotted this chandelier-filled tree at W. Silver Lake Dr. and Shadowlawn Ave. He writes "Guy who did it was outside when I passed by, told me he'd been working on this for four years." [Curbed Inbox]

MALIBU: Oh jeez, this casting notice: "RelativityREAL, a subsidiary of Relativity looking for amazing women to join the cast of a new, ultra stylish docu-series that follows the lives of the Malibu elite and their families." This is from the same producer who auditioned wannabe Real Housewives last spring; he must not have found what he was looking for. If you're awful and live in Malibu, here's the info. [Curbed Inbox]