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Carson Golf Course, Apartments Becoming Porsche Playground

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A 53 acre site in Carson that's currently home to a golf course and just-vacated apartment building will become a massive Porsche funland for anyone who has a lot of money and a total lack of fear--the company announced its fourth Experience Center at the LA Auto Show yesterday (the others are in Britain, Germany, and China). The Daily Breeze reports that the EC, which is being designed by Giffels/IBI and Tilke Engineering, will have "a world-class test track and handling course where drivers can practice maneuvering on rain, ice and snow. A section called Ice Hill will have a steep slope and water jets. Another off-road area will include 45-degree declines and ascents?The center also will feature a gift shop, cafe, and an athletic training facility for people interested in experiencing how professional drivers train - including heat acclimation training and hydration strategies."

The Experience Center will wipe out the Dominguez Hills Golf Course, "which has a popular two-deck driving range and a landmark statue of a huge golfer," as well as the recently-vacated Don Dominguez Apartments, a 64 unit apartment complex. The complex's owners originally agreed to vacate, but then "embarked on a publicity campaign to keep the complex open this summer." Those requests were denied and the building is now empty and awaiting imminent demolition.

But don't cry because an apartment building is dying; smile because soon "people will be able to purchase sessions with Porsche driving consultants." Officials hope to break ground on the Porsche Experience Center next summer. Meanwhile, landowners Watson Land Co. will work on environmental remediation, since the site sits on top of former landfills (man, how much of Carson was once landfill?).