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Two Bedroom in Hancock Park's Historic Chateau Sycamore

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Ever heard of the "the uncanny valley," i.e., the theory in the field of robotics and 3D animation that when human replicas look and act almost-but-not-quite like actual humans, actual humans get totally creeped out? We were reminded of it today upon visiting the website for GLB Properties, a company that specializes in vintage, "architecturally significant" apartment buildings, such as Hancock Park's Chateau Sycamore. Built in 1930, the two-story French-style complex contains eight apartments, including a two-bedroom upper front unit that's available by December 1 or sooner, according to this ad on Craigslist. The written description--"Hardwood floors, working fireplace, rare pecan and mahogany wood details, cedar closets..." etc.--was intriguing enough for us to go to the URL address mentioned in the ad for more details. And that's where we were greeted by this video (shudder), and could go no further. Rent for the 1,200 square foot unit, including garage parking, is $2,795.
· Grand 30s French on Sycamore [Craigslist]
· Currently available [GLB Properties]