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Creative Rebirth For Playa Vista Post Office Distribution Center, What's a COL Checkpoint?

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Updated 12 am: PLAYA VISTA: A former post office distribution center in Culver City is being reborn as creative offices and gardens, with HLW Architects handling the conversion and Katherine Spitz & Associates tackling the landscape architecture. According to a release, "Currently vast fields of parking, old post office loading docks and mail sorting will be redesigned into green space and amenities for people who work there?The north elevation will be carved out with a 250' x 50' glazed court yard and a geometry reminiscent of a 'French Garden' with an allée of trees on axis to the creek. The parking will be greened and densified to maximize open space." On the east side, there'll be a lawn, upper-level dining area, and canvas structures for shade. The whole 20 acres will be ringed with a perimeter path. And once all that's done, they'll just have to find some creatives to fill it. [Curbed Inbox]

CULVER CITY: A reader wants to know why his commute was all screwy yesterday morning: "Anyone know what was up with the massive traffic jam in Culver City [Wednesday] morning? Location Washington Blvd. just west of La Cienega (around McManus Ave.) westbound. Side streets were coned off and many cop cars and cops watching the traffic jam. Electric sign said: 'COL checkpoint' 'Have ID ready' At the chokepoint a gaggle of bored cops was waving drivers on. Any idea WTF this is?" Anyone? [Curbed Inbox]