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Art War at the Ritz-Carlton

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Street artists Mear One, Chor Bookie, and Shark Toof are suing everyone's favorite LA Live developer AEG over the alleged mistreatment of artworks displayed in the penthouse of AEG's Ritz-Carlton Residences. "Curator Bryson Strauss of L.A. Art Machine enlisted the three artists and Shepard Fairey to provide art for a party in the tower's 51st floor penthouse," but Fairey's work sold and AEG's condo sales director asked that the other pieces stay in the unit. When Strauss asked after them in July, an AEG executive "said he had previously instructed a contractor to remove the murals because 'for the longest time [they] were just sitting stacked in the unit?. They can only have ended up in the dumpster.'" [LAT, image via]