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Report Shows That Angelenos All Want to Flee For Riverside

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Trulia released its Metro Movers Report today, showing which metro areas people are looking to move between and the number one search in all of the US is Angelenos looking for property in Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario. Gasp! Pearl clutch! But there's good news too--New York City's number one long distance search is Los Angeles. Deal with it, snobby East Coasters. The number three top US search was Orange Countyites looking in Los Angeles and number five was Angelenos looking in Orange County. LA's ratio of inbound to outbound searches was 0.62, meaning more people are looking to move out than in. And nearly half of all inbound searches come from more than 500 miles away (kids in Kansas?), while about half of all outbound searches are for nearby areas. The report looks at all Trulia searches made between July 1 and September 30 of this year and finds that "Of the cross-metro searches, 56 percent are for properties in metros with larger price declines during the housing bust and 63 percent are for properties in lower-density, more sprawling areas."