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Santa Monica Campus Building 1,500 Foot Expo Line Noise Wall

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The Lantana Media Center, home to Dick Clark Productions and other show biz companies, isn't taking any chances with possible noise disruptions from construction on the Expo Line light rail to Santa Monica. The Santa Monica Mirror reports that the 12 acre, multi-building entertainment campus at Olympic and Centinela plans on erecting a 1,500 foot long, 12 foot high wall between themselves and the track, which will run through the campus. The barrier has a $3-$4 million price tag, which Lantana is picking up. While the Expo Construction Authority plans on building its own noise wall, that wouldn't go up until the end of construction in 2014 or 2015 (to block the sound of trains from tenants). Industry Partners, the brokerage firm that manages Lantana, doesn't seem obstructive, only protective of their tenants, who likely pay a pretty penny to rent on the Westside. IP is also making do with a loss of 450 parking spots that once sat on Expo's right-of-way--the company hired 25 valet parkers to handle the cars. Hopefully, the parkers' load will be lightened when the train starts operating.
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