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Ice Skating in Westwood, Getty Charging For Night Parking

WESTWOOD: It must be winter in Los Angeles because the Grove fireworks have gone off and the W Westwood's CHILL ice rink opens this Friday. This year the 1,600 square foot rink is kitted out in "lavish and modern décor by Z Gallerie; from chic mirrors to white deer heads and handmade rugs to modern textiles," says a press release. And of course there'll be hourly snow, something called a "skate-up E-WOW cabana," and wintry cocktails. [Curbed Inbox]

BRENTWOOD: The Getty and Getty Villa are both still free as birds, but now they're instituting evening parking fees. Starting November 21, post-5 pm rates will jump from free to $10. The museum is only open until 5:30 pm most days, so this'll only ding very late comers, Saturday evening attendees, and event-goers. The Getty Villa closes at 5 pm. Day rates are still $15 and admission is still free. [Curbed Inbox]